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Collaborations to Share the Latest Science and Updated Information

Our work is made possible through collaborations with scientists, experts, and communicators in public health and medicine. Founded at The George Washington University (GW), the Brigada Digital de Salud stays connected with the latest research and guidance on COVID-19. 




Health Communication through Community Engagement

Partnerships with trusted community-based organizations and information sources is fundamental to the Brigada Digital de Salud’s mission. Our partners have long-standing histories of serving the Latinx community in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. Through partnerships with local community clinics, faith-based organizations, and media partners, we can reach a broader audience, engage them in COVID-19 prevention, and establish trust in such uncertain times. Through these partnerships, we continue to build a trained cadre of Brigada Digital members who disseminate and amplify our COVID-19 messages to their social networks.


Community Partners

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